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Purchase Warranty

This warranty forms an integrated part of the purchase agreement between the private individual purchasing a Jet Board Supplier product (the “Customer”).


Subject to the conditions set out herein, Jet Board Supplier will (in some cases, as specified below under “Communication”, through an authorized dealer) remedy defects or nonconformities resulting from defects in design, materials or workmanship of the Jet Board Supplier’s product, provided that a) the defect is notified to Jet Board Supplier or, if applicable, the authorized dealer within a reasonable time after the defect came to, or ought to have come to, the Customer’s attention and in no event later than prior to the expiry of the relevant warranty period; and b) that the Jet Board Supplier’s product is proven defective (the “Warranty”). Digital upgrades developed by Jet Board Supplier does not suspend or prolong the warranty period. This Warranty applies to all Jet Board Supplier products, including any by Jet Board Supplier developed digital upgrades even if the upgrade was not available at the time of purchase, purchased for final, recreational use by private individuals only. The Warranty is only valid for the original Customer and cannot be transferred to a third party. The Warranty does not cover:
  • Defects caused by the batteries due to Customer’s negligence and/or failure to i) install and connect the Jet Board Supplier Control App from App Store or Google Play as means of communicating battery status with Jet Board Supplier at any given use or ii) follow proper safety protocols as stated by Jet Board Supplier in the included printed user manual, safety instructions prescribed on the Jet Board Supplier product, safety instructions prescribed on the battery and/or the user manual in the Control App.
  • defects caused by negligence, mistreatment or failure to follow instructions issued by Jet Board Supplier;
  • faulty maintenance, handling or incorrect storage by the Customer;
  • alterations or modifications of the Jet Board Supplier product carried out without Jet Board Supplier’s prior written consent;
  • repairs or any other work done on or in relation to the Jet Board Supplier product by anyone.
  • normal wear and tear and deterioration.

The battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, will experience gradual energy or power loss with time and use. Loss of battery capacity or power over time or due to or resulting from battery usage is NOT covered under this battery Warranty.

The herein stated sets out the full and complete warranty, express or implied, including without limitation in respect of satisfactory quality, merchantability and fitness for purpose, that is provided in relation to the Jet Board Supplier product and all liability based on other grounds is hereby disclaimed.

Limitation of liability

The liability hereunder is limited to repair and/or replacement, at Jet Board Supplier’s sole discretion, of the defective part or component. Neither Jet Board Supplier nor the authorized dealer shall be liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, consequential damages, loss of use, loss of production, loss of profit or whatever kind or nature.

Neither Jet Board Supplier nor the Authorized Dealer shall have any liability whatsoever in respect of the Customer’s use of the Jet Board Supplier product or in respect of any requirement to obtain registrations, licenses, approvals or similar by any governmental authority or agency