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You’ve found it — our sportiest, most durable jetboard yet. Made for everybody and every body of water.

The all-new Radinn X-Sport features an ultra-resistant, lightweight hull designed with our newly developed XDL Tech construction. You’re in for some seriously fun, adventure-filled sessions with this one.


Buy X-sport board Online

Xtreme handling: Buy X-sport board Online

XDL Hull Tech construction originates from windsurf board and extreme kayak production. It’s wear-resistant design can truly handle the roughest of surf sessions — which means you can focus less on scuffing the sides and more on enjoying your rides.

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XDL Hull Tech construction

High-impact thermoforming around an airy polystyrene core delivers cosmetic and impact durability while remaining compact and lightweight. Buy X-sport board Online

  • Molded watertight 15 kg/m3 EPS foam center
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for improved stiffness and performance
  • ASA Polymer outerskin for unmatched durability and impact resistance
  • Embossed EVA foam pad for maximum comfort
  • Molded external inserts to maximize strength and prevent penetration through outer shell

The Freeride X-exercise is our maximum long lasting version. Its ultra-resistant hull era—which originates from windsurf boards and extreme-kayak manufacturing—can cope with tough conditions manner to a fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer out skin. Locate it irresistible forbearer the Freeride, the X-exercise maintains a revolutionary, hydrodynamic layout and is easy to get began out on but additionally responsive enough for additional playful driving.

XDL Hull Tech

Our newly-superior XDL Hull era stands for extraordinarily long lasting and lightweight. This next-diploma creation includes excessive-impact thermoforming spherical an ethereal polystyrene center with fiberglass layers for delivered reinforcement. Whilst that makes the board experience more utilitarian, it additionally offers it with excessive splendor and effect durability.

XDL Hulls can sincerely take care of the roughest of surf sessions— this means that that you may cognizance a lot much less on scuffing the rims and extra on taking part in your rides.

The today’s X-recreation is designed to be a protracted lasting, lightweight motorized jet board that may accommodate all way of adventures. Like its predecessors, the X-recreation has a swish silhouette and a hydrodynamic format to help it reduce via the waves. The Swedish outfit says it’s made for every person and everyone of water.

Spanning simply over 6 feet, the X-recreation’s hull showcases Radinn’s newly superior XDL Tech creation. The board has an airy polystyrene middle this is strengthened with layers of fiberglass and polymer to maximize electricity on the equal time as however very last compact, cushty and light. (It sits throughout the only hundred-pound mark with the electric motor prepared.)

“There are various layer of glass fiber in one-of-a-type places to acquire the gold trendy durability withinside the ones precise factors of the board,” Martin Malmqvist, Radinn’s chief product officer, told Robb record. “So it has the splendor sturdiness to face up to scratches, scuff marks, and people types of blemishes, and it moreover has the effect durability if you hit some thing or drop it.