Carve Tarifa



High performance board for intermediate and advanced riders. The Carve’s responsive shape allows full control using your heels and toes.


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The Carve is a excessive overall performance electric surfboard for intermediate and advanced riders. The Carve’s responsive shape permits full manipulate the usage of your heels and ft. quite agile and light! Radinn jetboards have a modular layout, making an allowance for clean snap-in enhancements. this is the most famous board! Buy Tarifa Online

The Radinn Carve board is 2020 design geared towards superior riders. It has a swish slender layout and foot straps for better manage over the board at the same time as rounding tight corners, surfing on waves and maybe even going for a few jumps in a WakePark.

The Radinn jetboard is genuinely silent thanks to its electric powered jet which is also tucked in the rear of the board to offer safety to the rider and any sea animals which you may come upon.

Did  that killer whales can swim up to fifty six km/h? properly, so can the Radinn but you could effortlessly control your pace with the blanketed far off manage  and slowly cruise alongside calm waters if you so preference. An included safety strap will preserve the board from ‘flying’ away from you in case of a sudden mishap.

depending at the battery size, you may get 25-forty five mins of run time as a way to take you down the slim streams and winding rivers you’ve always wanted to visit. To rate the battery, you have a choice of  chargers – normal charger as a way to refill your battery overnight and the fast charger will get you going once more in 2-3 hours..

high overall performance board for intermediate and advanced riders. The Carve’s responsive form allows full manage the usage of your heels and ft.

The Carve takes longer to grasp for the ones strange with board sports activities, however offers a completely unique turning fashion and trick talents. It’s designed to carve through water andresponds easily when you initiate a flip. The Carve is extremely-agile and light-weight, which permits you to get innovative with wave-riding, leaping, rail-to-rail transitions, and more. Buy Tarifa Online


  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6’2“ x 2’6“ x 0.6’

Comes in two styles:

  • Tarifa (White)
  • Phantom (Black)

Performance options:

  • 40 km/h (Standard)
  • 52 km/h (Pro) +$2500 upgrade