Freeride X-Sport



Ultra-durable board made for adventure. The X-Sport offers a high-impact hull and a configurable quad fin setup for a carefree, customizable ride.


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You’ve observed it — our sportiest, most durable jetboard yet. Made for each person and anyone of water. Buy Freeride X-Sport Online

The all-new Radinn X-recreation capabilities an ultra-resistant, lightweight hull designed with our newly developed XDL Tech creation. You’re in for some seriously amusing, adventure-stuffed periods with this one.

Ultra-durable board made for adventure. The X-game offers a high-impact hull and a configurable quad fin setup for a carefree, customizable trip.

Radinn is a Swedish innovation composed of an electric powered surfboard that glides over the ocean without the want for wind or waves, it is actually important to have stability.

This is the maximum long lasting board on the market, best for a sportier sense and an ultra-resilient journey.

The brand new Radinn X-sport capabilities extremely-tough hull technology, originating from windsurf forums and extreme kayak manufacturing, designed with the newly advanced XDL Tech construction. it could manage hard situations thanks to a fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer exterior.

The X-recreation nevertheless keeps an progressive and hydrodynamic design. additionally, it has 4 keel containers under the hull in place of the standard two for introduced customization.

Swedish Radinn has produced this action packed Freeride X-recreation jetboard, that’s the maximum sporty and sturdy jetboard up to now. The board comes with trendy XDL Tech construction, which is lighter and more potent than previous fashions, making this forums the supremely marketplace main jetboard right now!

Freeride X-game gets top points in sturdiness, versatility and pace, in addition to the best board for 100s of hours with most speed on the water. in addition, the board has top crusing properties for all degrees and weight training, further it is a great all-spherical board for all places and weather conditions.

The board is brought absolutely prepared for use after charging. Buy Freeride X-Sport Online


Board weight: 9.5kg

  • Battery weight: 23.5kg
  • Jetpack G3 weight: 12.6kg
  • Dimensions: 190×77,9x166cm
  • Speed: 44 km / h G3 // 56 km / h G3 Pro – (purchase G3 Pro to be able to sail faster)
  • Battery time: 30 min Battery 3G // 45 min Extended – (buy Extended to get more time on the water)

Material: Full XDL Tech, Cast waterproof 15 kg / m3 EPS foam center, Fiberglass reinforcement for improved rigidity and performance, ASA Polymer outer skin for unsurpassed durability and impact resistance, EVA foam pad for comfortable standing surface.

The board is ready to use and include:

  • Radinn Freeride X-Sport Jetboard
  • Board bag
  • Charger
  • A couple of FCS finds
  • Wireless speed controller + wireless charger
  • Board Leash with dead man’s magnet