Freeride Urban rebel


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  • Easy to learn and expand your skill level
  • Great agility for all weights
  • Perfect all-round board for all water conditions
  • A design theme inspired by the urban landscapes of Berlin
Speed up to
Range up to


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Radinn electric powered jet-boards are like stand-up paddle-forums without the paddle and the city insurrection is one among their most flexible designs. If configured with a general motor and battery, it can speed up to 25mph and run for 25 mins. Buy Freeride Urban Board, Enhancements can increase the ones numbers to 35mph and forty five minutes of experience time. Pricing is concern to trade relying to your unique configuration.

The jet board is truly silent thanks to its electric powered jet which is also tucked in the rear of the board to offer safety to the rider and any sea animals which you may come upon.

Did you realize that killer whales can swim as much as 56 km/h? well, so can the Radinn but you may easily manage your velocity with the protected remote control  and slowly cruise alongside calm waters in case you so preference. An included safety strap will maintain the board from ‘flying’ far from you in case of a sudden mishap.

Depending on the battery size, you’ll get 25-45 mins of run time with a view to take you down the narrow streams and winding rivers you’ve continually needed to go to. To rate the battery, you’ve got a desire of two chargers – regular charger a good way to replenish your battery in a single day and the short charger gets you going once more in 2-three hours. Buy Freeride Urban Board


Speed & Range

G3: Up to 27mph / 44 kmh
G3 Pro: Up to 35mph / 56kmh

Est. ride time:
Standard: Up to 30min
Extended: Up to 45min


12 kg / 26 lbs

Dimentions (LxWxH)

1901 x 779 x 166 mm
6’2“ x 2’6“ x 0,6’ feet


Lightweight EPS core with a compressed, fiber reinforced resin shell, carbon fiber detailing and ABS polymer interface zones.

What’s included in your purchase?

A jetboard kit includes 1 battery and 1 G3 jetpack but also:

1 charger

1 pair of fins,

1 wireless hand controller

1 board leash

1 board bag