Carve Phantom B


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  • Performance and carve
  • For advanced riders
  • Highly agile and light
  • A symphony in black shades only overshadowed by its carbon details
Speed up to
Range up to

High performance board for intermediate and advanced riders. The Carve’s responsive shape allows full control using your heels and toes.


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The Carve takes longer to master for those unusual with board sports activities, however gives a completely unique turning style and trick abilities. It’s designed to carve via water and responds without problems whilst you provoke a turn. Buy Carve Phantom, The Carve is extremely-agile and light-weight, which permits you to get innovative with wave-using, leaping, rail-to-rail transitions, and greater.

High overall performance board for intermediate and advanced riders. The Carve’s responsive form lets in full control the usage of your heels and ft.

Electric surfboards have currently come to be the need to-have device on the market on your next lake adventure or seashore break out.

Carve rail-to-rail and simply lean into the turns. This board is playful however more difficult to master than the Free ride. The Carve is right for surfers with a weight of up to 2 hundred lbs or so, as lighter riders might be able to grasp the carve and flow throughout the floor if you’re trying to live greater agile on top of the surface.

Product Description:

  • Power Options:
    – G3 Pro Power Upgrade* (35mph) +$1800
  • Battery Options:
    – The Standard battery pack allows for approx 25 mins riding time.
    – The Extended Range Battery pack allows for approx 45 mins riding time* +$2,300
  • Extra Option
    • Carbon Fiber Handles $910
      – Speed Charger $530 – Reduces charge time to 2.5 hours

Speed & Range

  • Speed:
    G3: Up to 26mph / 42 kmh
    G3 Pro: Up to 32mph /52 kmh
  • ride time:
    Standard: Up to 25min
    Extended: Up to 45min


  • 9 kg / 20 lbs
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • 1780 x 630 x 160 mm
    5’ 8“ x 2’ x 0.5’ feet


Lightweight EPS core with a compressed, fiber reinforced resin shell and ABS polymer interface zones.

What’s included in your purchase?

A jet board kit includes 1 battery and 1 G3 jetpack but also:

  • 1 charger
  • 1 pair of fins,
  • 1 wireless hand controller
  • 1 board leash
  • 1 board bag