Carve Phantom



High-performance board for intermediate and advanced riders. The Carve’s responsive shape allows full control using your heels and toes.


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Buy Carve Phantom, The Radinn Carve board is 2020 layout geared withinside the course of superior riders. It has a swish slender format and foot straps for higher control over the board at the same time as rounding tight corners, surfing on waves and perhaps even going for a few jumps in a Wake Park. The Radinn jetboard is in fact silent way to its electric powered jet which is likewise tucked withinside the rear of the board to provide protection to the rider and any sea animals which you could probable encounter. Did you recognize that killer whales can swim as much as 56 km/h? nicely,

Well, so can the Radinn however you may without problems manipulate your pace with the covered far off manipulate and slowly cruise alongside calm waters in case you so desire.

To take you down the slender streams and winding rivers you’ve continually needed to head to. To fee the battery, you’ve got got a preference of chargers – normal charger in order to top off your battery in a single day and the quick charger gets you going once more in 2-three hours. Standard battery will come up with about 25 mins of run time and the lengthy variety model approximately forty five mins. A preference of chargers, spare elements and add-ons is likewise available.

High-overall performance board for intermediate and advanced riders.

  • Performance and carve
  • For superior riders
  • Highly agile and light


To buy a entire and rideable jetboard you want to reserve as a minimum one Board Type, one Jetpack and one Powerpack. For each entire board you’ll additionally get hold of a charger, one pair of fins, a wi-fi hand controller and board leash. Basically the whole lot you want to head Jetboarding! Buy Carve Phantom


  • Length:5′ 8″ / 176.8 cm
  • Width:24″ / 61 cm
  • Weight:20 lb / 9.1 kg


  • Model Year:
  • Category:Paddleboards
  • Paddleboard Type:Surf
  • Paddlesport:Paddleboarding
  • Number of Paddlers:Solo
  • Structure:Rigid or Hard
  • Propulsion:Paddle
  • Best Used For:Surfing


  • Primary Shell Material:Proprietary Composite Blend