Battery Standard



Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the standard range delivers enough ride time to put a big smile on the face of the most seasoned riders. It has up to 30 min ride time.


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If you want to fee numerous e-surfboard batteries on the equal time, you simply add the watts. To be on the safe side, you must usually have a piece of room upwards so that nothing overheats or the fuses prevent the charging.. Buy Battery Standard Online

Powered by using a chargeable lithium-ion battery, the standard range offers enough journey time to position a massive smile at the face of the most seasoned riders. It has as much as 30 min ride time.

Our batteries may be used in any of our models.

those batteries were examined, consistent with the international preferred IEC 60529 + A1:1999 + A2:2013, for the diploma of protection IP68, where IP6X stands for solid debris and complete resistance to dirt and IPX8 method water front resistance / completely water sealed.

The standard swappable battery is right for 25 mins of using, and the wise far flung vibrates whilst the percent gets low. So, you’ll have masses of time to go again to shore earlier than getting stranded.

BMS stands for battery control and might be the maximum crucial part of an battery. The BMS commonly measures many different things, such like temperature, contemporary voltage and plenty of greater. Every manufacturer is usually developing its personal BMS, so they’re all distinct. it’s miles sort of the secrete sauce.

The excessive-tech board boasts an extremely-quiet, brushless, electric motor capable of pushing the G2X to a top velocity of 36 miles in line with hour. Even for avid surfers, that’s pretty rattling speedy over open water. It’s controlled via a waterproof, wi-fi, hand held remote that places complete control of the board precisely in which the rider needs it. Buy Battery Standard Online


►independent and replaceable locking mechanism

►New impact resistant housing

►Anti slide blocks

►New display with stepped forward blue LED visibility for shiny environments

►Battery Bag blanketed


► Max. electric powered discharge: one hundred thirty A

► Nominal voltage: forty four,four V

► capacity (rated): 1.500 Watts hour

► Cycle count: 350 (expected)

► Weight: 14 kg / 30 lbs


► Quick circuit

► over fee

► Temperature

► water-resistant